J.F. Schwarzlose

J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin enhances luxury and celebrates the city of Berlin. The pursuit of perfection and the German tradition are aimed at all those connoisseurs who seek fragments of art in every single object. The care and attention to every detail finds in Schwarzlose perfumes a perfect, unique, but, above all, unforgettable representative.
J.F. Schwarzlose
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J.F. Schwarzlose

In 2012, J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin was revitalised and has since given birth to creations that reflect and narrate modern Berlin. The base consists of precious fragrance oils in high concentration in the elegant, minimalist design that characterises J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin.


Characteristics J.F. Schwarzlose

Traditionally, in the perfume industry, many beautiful ingredients have to travel long distances before they reach the consumer for purchase. The perfume factory J.F Schwarzlose Berlin, based in Berlin, consciously works in opposition to this traditional method to provide special perfume creations, but with the most efficient production, working with local suppliers. Designer Lutz Hermann has designed the products with at least five different components, all of which come from Germany or Europe. The traditional brand convinces not only with special perfume creations, but also with a production concept that deliberately favours short delivery routes and local suppliers.


Bestseller Products J.F. Schwarzlose on 50ml

  • Raush Eau de Parfum: A fragrance that celebrates the legendary nightlife of the German capital. With spicy accords and a hint of noble oud, the new composition embodies Berlin's dark and mysterious club scene. The perfumer insisted on finding inspiration in a long night at Berlin's famous Berghain Club. The result è truly intoxicating.
  • Treffpunkt 8 Uhr Eau de Parfum: In Berlin's golden years, Vetiver symbolised the legendary Berlin nights when the international art scene gathered. At the time, Treffpunkt 8 Uhr was considered a sporty men's fragrance, but this did not prevent Josephine Baker from wearing it. Today the fragrance is officially a unisex perfume and convinces with the fresh accord of ginger and mango in the top note and the seductive heart of vetiver in the base note.
  • Leder 6 Eau de Parfum:The wild base note of frankincense and the Japanese resin Styrax represent the enchanted eroticism of yesteryear. With sensual leather and saffron flower in the top note, Leder 6 combines the traditions of perfume making with the wild nights of Berlin today. The instinctive element, which never lets the capital sleep, is found in the animalistic, leathery character of the fragrance.
  • Trance Eau de Parfum: Trance is another reinterpreted fragrance. It is hypnotic and at the same time an intoxication of all senses: moving, intense and ambiguous. It reflects Berlin: modernity versus tradition, man or woman... like the transformation from innocence to guilt.
  • 1A-33 Eau de ParfumThe linden blossom extract symbolises the famous 'Berliner Luft', the air of Berlin, which swirls around the beautiful boulevard Unter den Linden in the city centre - but not only this makes 1A-33 a Berlin perfume: the name of the fragrance itself embodies the German capital. It is based on the old number plates of Berlin cars.


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